light PONG

light PONG is a retro clone made with the Godot game development engine as part of our summer game jam.  This retro clone utilized a pong template within the Godot library of sample projects.  About the only thing I didn't change were the physics of the ball.  I added the following features with the help of awesome resources on Open Game Art ...


  • Splash, Title & Credits Screen
  • Music & SFX
  • Sprite & Background Replacements
  • Background Flash Effects
  • Score Counters
  • Paddle Control & Paddle Physics Changes
  • Ball Forward Rotation


Sometimes, the web player doesn't work after closing the web page and coming back later.  As such, I've compiled a Windows Executable that functions just like the web app.  Definitely will be an issue I'll look into.


light PONG Executable (Windows) 13 MB

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