A downloadable game for Windows

Dark Station

An orbital station goes dark and desperate hands enlist the aid of Gebbley and his mates before thieves or worse can lay claim to its secrets. As the crew enters empty halls, they wonder what grim fate befell those who came before.


  • 4x characters +1 protagonist
  • 3D rendered space station screens
  • 3x musical scores from Incompetech
  • 5 minutes of gameplay
  • Made in Ren'Py
  • Environments made in Unity5

This game is a teaser for the short fiction, Dark Station. If you like the game, check out the eBook at the link below ...


Enter the code: YD75F and download the book for free until march 1st, 2017.


DarkStation v1.1 [Win].zip 45 MB


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