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Emerald Legendarium is a love letter to classic J-RPG's of the past.  We developed this system to capture all of the essential mechanics of a retro-style J-RPG.  From killing god, to finding the true power of friendship and defeating the darkness.

Rise up and join your companions on epic adventures for the next 20 to 40 hours!

  • D6 dice pool system.
  • Full color illustrations (but also compatible with black & white PnP.
  • Turn based side view battle system (or front view if that suits you).
  • XP and leveling up mechanic where time invested correlates with success.
  • 3.5 fantasy races to begin with tools to homebrew your own.
  • 6 fantasy classes for customized character options.

This game version is free to download and play and will continue to be, perhaps forever.  Emerald Legendarium is mathematically balanced, and we've done a good amount of testing for battles and skill-based conflict resolution, but we haven't gotten the chance to run a full-blown campaign with it.

Until that happens, consider this rulebook in early access.


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Emerald Legendarium Core Rulebook 38 MB
Character Sheet & Shared Inventory 4 MB

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