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Geo Mantra RPG

Even in the Northern Plateaus, art came before the written word.  For reasons neither the North nor the South have been able to explain, certain shapes hold power when Struck across a surface.  A perfect Circle, a perfect Square, and an equilateral Triangle each command a different magic in the hands of a talented Striker.  

Geo Mantra, the name for this practice, describes the process by which a Figure is Struck onto a surface with one of the Essential Mediums.  A Striker Binds it to a finger and Activates it, releasing its power.  Geo Mantra is a tool anyone can use with the proper mental training and vitality.  Cities and villages are built around these processes of transportation, containment, and renovation.  

Once the art had become mainstream, educational facilities cropped up, each devoted to fields of study within the Geo Mantra Arts.  The new Silver Piece currency was designed with Geo Mantra in mind, twenty years after the North and South met, and the rotations of innovation in the art and protection from it continue to escalate.


  • D20-Based RPG System
  • 3 kinds of Shape Magic
  • Character Classes and Geo Mantra Specializations
  • Complete Manual for Players and GM's


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