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"Instant Fantasy: Dark Roast" is the official revised version of our Instant Fantasy RPG system (Think Instant Fantasy 2.0).

Instant Fantasy is a rules-lite RPG system that is both easy to pick up and quick to run adventures.  Character creation takes a few minutes at most and the core rules are digestible for players and game masters.

Dark Roast is still short and sweet when it comes to page count (only 3 pages of rules), but contains fixes and balance patches that help round out the game from the previous version.


  • D6 System (All You Need are 3D6).
  • 6 Playable Races.
  • 4 Job Classes.
  • 30 Spells Across 6 Spell Levels.
  • 1 Character Sheet

Updates & Fixes

  • Attribute scores of 0 now no longer default to a result of 1.  Instead, players roll 2 dice and keep the lower.
  • Optional rules for health and dying for more survivable PC's.
  • Spell failure rolls now balanced so spells don't fizzle as often.
  • Clarified magic rules.
  • Optional rules for low magic.
  • Turn Order Update for ease of play.
  • Updated roll success charts.
  • Replaced 'encounter' section with basic creatures and building tools.
  • Replaced attribute builds section with job classes for added nuance.
  • Updated license info to CC-BY-SA.
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreRole Playing
TagsDice, Fantasy, Minimalist, Monsters
Average sessionA few hours


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