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TRI-versal Six is a rules lite RPG system with a 3d6 conflict resolution system.  Players and the Game Master will (typically) roll 3d6 when attempting feats, abilities and skills.

TRI-versal Six is a generalist micro-RPG system, allowing it to work within a variety of game settings, from fantasy to science fiction and superpowers.

A portfolio packet of races and special abilities unique to certain settings is provided for players and game masters who want a quick start.

Character creation takes between 5-10 minutes for new players.

Characters gain abilities through a point buy mechanic with the price of an ability determined by its overall power potential and sub-features.

When characters attempt to do something, they roll 3d6 in most cases.  Certain features may call for 1 less or 1 more.  Success in a task is limited by the overall strength of the ability and the number of FX rolled (A dice roll of 4,5, or 6 counts as 1 FX).

This system supports mechanics for 4 unique ability types (damaging, healing, supporting, and afflicting).

TRI-versal Six is in beta for the time being.  As such (and even if it were perfectly polished), we feel it should be free.

So, go out there and game!


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TRI-versal Six (Core)
TRI-versal Six (Portfolio)

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